2011 Water Champions


ISTP_1Pedagogic In-Service Training Programme (ISTP)
ISTP organized three teacher training sessions during 2011 to enhance school monitoring and reporting in four regions of Cameroon. These training sessions have enabled ISTP to surpass its 2010 benchmark of monitored sites from 34 to an impressive 81. Click here to learn more.

Water and Youth International Africa (WYIA)
“Train a child, train the community." WWMC is key to the WYIA Kenyan NGO for reaching out to families and communities in the western province of Kenya. Teaching people about water quality has helped change their attitudes toward the importance of water quality and usage. WYIA plans to engage more schools in future activities. Click here to learn more.


NEER_2NEER (Natural Environmental Education and Research) Foundation
NEER Foundation organized ten awareness-raising events for school teachers, NGOs, and government organizations of Meerut, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Rajashtan, Madhya Pradeshm, and Lucnkow districts in India and provided test kits to a number of schools and 40 different organizations. These initiatives have resulted in the monitoring of various fresh water sources and rivers in 11 states across India. Click here to learn more.

Woodie Muirhead (Individual)
Woodie has adapted and expanded the basic World Water Monitoring Challenge kit to be used in Myanmar, a developing country where resources are limited. He modified the tests and created lessons that would influence students with a different native language and a different learning style than that of students in Western nations. Upon returning to the United States, he shared his story with Water Environment & Technology magazine, in which he explains the versatility of the kit and multiple ways to use it when resources are limited. Click here to learn more.


Waterwatch_2Gold Coast WATERWATCH (coordinated by Natura Education and funded by Gold Coast City Council)
As coordinators of Gold Coast WATERWATCH, Natura Education has enabled 11,000 students across 52 schools to get actively involved in water monitoring activities since 2009. Since Natura Education began facilitating GC WATERWATCH, water monitoring activities and field days have taken place at over 55 sites throughout five catchments in South East Queensland, Australia. Click here to learn more.


School_12_2School № 12, Kirovo-Chepetsk
School № 12 in Russia explored the water quality of eight different water bodies within their region, testing both rivers and lakes. The group determined that the water quality at Beryozovoe Lake, which is situated near a large chemical enterprise, was having a negative effect on the local environment.  Together with the social organization, the students produced a report about their findings, which was made available to the local public. Click here to learn more.

Nilgün Erentay (Individual)
Nilgün Erentay, a science teacher from Turkey, has been involved in water conservation and WWMC since 2003.  In 2011, she engaged 33 schools in the program. In addition to working with large numbers of students, families, NGO’s, associations, municipalities, and universities, Nilgün has developed a partnership with the European Union HSCI Network. Click here to learn more.

North America

GSA_2Fernando Valladares Fuente & Global Sports Alliance (GSA)
The Cuba GSA team, under the leadership of Fernando Valladares Fuente, has participated in WWMC monitoring activities in Pinar del Río for the past three years. Using the WWMC kits and the methodology, the team has diagnosed the quality of waters in rivers, ponds, streams, lakes, and sea shores. With the contribution of the sport promoters, the group has decided to take action to restore the water quality and develop environmental education efforts for schoolchildren and the general public. Click here to learn more. 

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) 
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) utilized WWMC as an educational tool for local elementary schools. By partnering with Gibson, Vanderburgh, and Warrick County schools, TMMI shares the WWMC program with sixth-grade science students and annually involves over 2,200 students in the program. Click here to learn more.

South America

SEINCO, a Uruguayan environmental engineering consulting firm, selected WWMC as a key program within its social responsibility plan. This year, 300 Uruguayan youth participated in this global event. SEINCO organized six events in various locations in Uruguay and used the WWMC program as a pioneering arm in Uruguay to reach kids of all ages, locations, and all socioeconomic levels. Click here to learn more.

Rosa Maria de Sousa Santos (Individual) 
Rosa Maria de Sousa Santos has facilitated WWMC activities as the ENO Coordinator for Brazil for many years. Rosa’s activities have included, monitoring of Putin's Creek, organizing a walk to raise awareness of ecological preservation, putting together an action plan for the preservation of some monitoring sites and distributing water monitoring kits to other schools in the area. Click here to learn more.