Action Guides & Lesson Plans

Action Guides

Developed by EarthEcho International these action guides are designed to introduce young people to the five stages of service learning so that they can apply this problem solving process to the complex problems facing our planet. The Action Guides are suitable for youth ages 13-18. 

CleanUp: A Service-Learning Guide (pdf)

Down the Drain: An Action Guide for Water Quality (pdf)

Rain Check: A Guide for Stormwater Action (pdf)

Observation Guide (online or pdf)
For use with the 'Protect Our Waterways' brochure.


Lesson Plans

Developed by Project WET in partnership with WWMC, these lesson plans are designed to complement monitoring activities for World Water Monitoring Challenge. Lessons are suitable for youth ages 11-14. 

From Design to Data: Water Quality Monitoring
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Water Quality Indicators: Biological, Chemical & Physical Parameters
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Cumulative Impacts in a Watershed
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Graphic Data & Analyzing Trends in Water Quality
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From our Partners 

Volunteer Water Monitoring Guidebook (pdf, 13.09 MB)
Montana Watercourse 

What's in Your Water Lesson Plan (pdf, 511 KB)
Educator's Network Water Guide