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    Resource materials for WWMC are broken down roughly into the categories listed in the menu to the left.

    Where do I start?

    1. Guides & Lesson Plans. Under this menu you will find guides to event planning, as well as lesson plans on water quality.

    2. Promotional Tools.  Items found on this page are all designed to help WWMC event planners get people to their event, whether they are approaching the general public or a group such as the Girl Scouts. WWMC event planners will also find some sample language to use when attempting to get media coverage for their event.  

    3. Event Resources.  These items are designed to enhance the planner and participant experience during the WWMC event.

    4. Fact Sheets / Handouts.  These include information that is good for both planners and participants to know, such as monitoring safety precautions and what the various water quality indicators mean.

    5. Activity Worksheets. There are several student activity worksheets, including a crossword puzzle and word search game to enhance the WWMC learning experience.

    6. Links. Other resourceful links that you may find helpful in learning more about water monitoring.