About WWMC

Becoming a Program Partner


Take a look at the following information, and if you have what it takes (and we believe you do), please contact us at wwmc@earthecho.org.


Activities of WWMC Partners

Promotion, Communication and Advocacy: Preparation of articles, newsletter “blurbs,” press releases, e-mails, dissemination of materials at events, list sharing, etc., all to boost the program’s visibility and encourage participation. 

Kit Sponsorship: Many partner organizations purchase bulk quantities of kits that are then provided to groups and individuals who wish to carry out WWMC activities. 

Event Hosting: Organization and sponsorship of local WWMC events brings the program directly to the public and provides a structured, educational experience.

Connections and Networking: Partners can play an important role as contact points for individuals who are interested in teaming up with a local WWMC effort; who are seeking local resources; or who wish to share experience with other like-minded water quality monitoring initiatives.


Requirements of WWMC Partners

All partners should demonstrate engagement in the program through one or more of the activities described above. Other activities which further the goals of the WWMC program may also be considered as partnership contributions. Receipt of an activities summary each year for the annual Year in Review report will serve as a “renewal” of program partnership.