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We were waiting for the water monitoring test kit and finally received it on Sept. 1. We practiced the use of each component and also conducted the real tests with students of Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary School in the city of Sabinas in Coahuila State, Mexico. We live next to the Sabinas River where the community is made up of roughly 50,000 citizens. The economic activities in the area include mining, agriculture, and livestock—so it’s important to maintain the health of the river. This is the reason why we began the water monitoring activities involving local young students. 

Though the World Water Monitoring Day was on Sunday, Sept. 18, we held it on a class day, which was the following Monday. Teacher Yolanda Reyna, 15 grade five students, four mothers, and I walked to the river to take five water samples. We took the samples back to the classroom so that we could have the other 10 students participate as well. It was funny to use latex gloves like scientists. It was also very interesting using the thermometers and how the colors changed for the tests while comparing them to the color chart. 

We made five teams of students. Each of the teams reviewed the colors and made graphs to compare the results of the river water. We used a test sample with the city water and the results revealed that the river water was more alkaline, had less dissolved oxygen and more turbidity. 

The discussion to propose activities to keep the water river clean was great. The activities included actions to talk with the municipal government to help in the river conservation, to change some old actions in homes, and the most important: to treasure this region and its water. 

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