These events have passed but you can view recorded events at the links below:

Solving Water Together: Diving Into Water Quality

Whether we are swimming, fishing, or paddling, using it for our drinking water source, to grow our food, or simply walking the beach observing the wildlife that relies on it, we all have a deep connection to the water and a responsibility to protect it. Join us as we demonstrate surface water quality testing and discuss why citizens monitoring the health of their local bodies of water is vital. This event will be co-hosted by Xylem Watermark Champion Michelle Muller and EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council member Domingo Cortinez.

Solving Water Together: Careers in the Water Industry

When we turn on the tap, we often don’t give much thought to where our water comes from and where it goes after we use it. A vast array of engineers, chemists, technicians, and those in the skilled trades work behind the scenes to keep our water use cycle humming along. Join us as we explore the ways in which water industry professionals solve global water issues through innovation and collaboration. Panelists include:

  • Torri Epperson, Education Outreach Coordinator, DC Water
  • Jens Scheideler, Manager Commercialization, Xylem Inc.
  • Benay Akyon, Product Engineer, Xylem Inc.
  • Donna Laviolette, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability, Xylem Inc.
  • Moderator, Armon Alex, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council

Solving Water Together: Leadership for a Clean Water Future

Protecting the health of our aquatic ecosystems and access to clean water is one of the greatest global challenges of our time. As Matt Damon said in the film Brave Blue World, “How lucky are we that we’re the ones who get to solve this?” Join us for a panel of innovators and change-makers engaging with students across the world as we explore solutions to the global water crisis and connect youth to their water resources through the EarthEcho Water Challenge.