In partnership with Ocean Conservancy, EarthEcho International is asking communities around the globe to #ConnectAndCollect at the International Coastal Cleanup this September. Join EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador’s Beach Cleanup on Sunday September 12th from 9am – 11am at Hollywood Beach, FL.

Last year, the community cleanup events that form the heart of the ICC were not possible. While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, EarthEcho International and Ocean Conservancy are making this year’s ICC a time for volunteers to reconnect with our ocean and their loved ones wherever possible.

Whether you bring a friend to a community cleanup event or conduct a cleanup in your neighborhood with your family, you can #ConnectandCollect with three easy steps:

1. Form Your Crew: Joining the ICC is one of the most immediate ways you can help keep plastic out of the ocean – and one of the best ways to increase your impact is by bringing an ocean-loving friend to do the same.

2. Find a Spot: Clean up with your small pod around your neighborhood or join EarthEcho International’s cleanup.

3. Clean Up: Download Clean Swell® and record the trash you collect. Don’t forget to take photos and tag #ConnectandCollect!

Head to to learn more about how to make an impact for our ocean.

By joining the International Coastal Cleanup, you are becoming a part of a decade’s long movement for the health of our ocean.

- Since the first ICC in 1986, over 16.5 million volunteers have joined local cleanup efforts big and small to remove 344 million pounds/ 156 million kilograms of trash from beaches and waterways around the globe, all the while logging each item and building the world’s largest database on marine debris.

- Even in the face of the pandemic, 221,589 ICC volunteers came out to conduct small group or solo cleanups in 2020, collecting 5.23 million pounds / 2.37 million kilograms of trash globally.

- In addition to the items that typically make up the most collected trash, personal protective equipment – including masks and gloves – were among the most commonly found items by volunteers in 2020. Globally, ICC volunteers collected more than 100,000 PPE items, and we expect to see just as many collected this year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is paramount. The ICC community is continuing to adapt to align with the latest local social distancing and safety regulations.

• Volunteers who can engage in community cleanup events should understand and follow all local and national safety mandates around vaccination, social distancing, nose/mouth coverings and any other COVID-19 health measures that are in place for your community.

• Make sure all personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks are disposed of properly in a closed bag or bin. Never put trash in an overflowing trash receptacle.

• More information can be found at

Where community cleanup events are not possible, Ocean Conservancy’s data collection app, Clean Swell, will shine.

- In 2016, Ocean Conservancy introduced the Clean Swell app, which allows volunteers to log the items of trash they find and submit their data directly into Ocean Conservancy’s online database. This database is the world’s largest repository of marine litter data, and is used to educate and inform scientists, conservation groups, governments and industry leaders about ocean trash so that we can all work to ensure trash never reaches our beaches.

- Clean Swell is a simple and fun app that allows volunteers to earn badges for their cleanup accomplishments and then share their impact with friends on social media using the hashtags #InternationalCoastalCleanup and #ConnectAndCollect.

- We invite all to join the hundreds of thousands of Clean Swell users worldwide and download the app to track your cleanup efforts in 2021.  

- Data collected from the ICC have informed policy in a number of areas, leading to laws

o Banning the use of plastic grocery bags;

o Prohibiting smoking-related litter;

o Encouraging the use of reusable bags;

o Prohibiting mass balloon releases; and

o Prohibiting foam food and beverage takeaway containers.