EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors represent EarthEcho International and the EarthEcho Water Challenge by collaborating with fellow Ambassadors and Youth Leadership Council members to monitor their local waterways and engage their communities in taking action to protect water resources. As an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors you will be responsible for:

  • participating in an initial, virtual training  with fellow Ambassadors, EarthEcho staff and YLC members at the beginning of the term
  • contributing 2-4 hours a month to the work of the ambassadorship during your term
  • participating in ongoing virtual training opportunities to gain skills in water science/conservation and event planning, while connecting with your fellow ambassadors (held approximately once a month as dictated by project work)
  • organizing one event to engage at least 20 community members in a water monitoring activity on or around World Water Monitoring Day (September 18) – Event planning training/support and EarthEcho Water Challenge test kits provided by EarthEcho International
  • personally testing the water quality of a local body of water once a month
  • uploading all water quality data to
  • writing at least one guest blog highlighting your efforts for
  • sharing photos and content from monitoring activities via e-mail on a regular basis