In collaboration with Xylem EarthEcho is hosting The Flushing Challenge.

The Flushing Challenge educates primary school aged children (ages 5-11) to understand how flushing our toilets at home can have an impact on the greater ecosystem. Establishing an understanding of how wastewater is treated, the challenges community infrastructures face when non-flushables are flushed, and how those actions directly affect the environment. Educators, club and afterschool program leaders are encouraged to present the materials to their students and use Earth Echo’s Flushing Challenge Pledge via www.monitorwater.org. All workshop materials are free and available online.

Educators can also request for an EarthEcho or trained volunteer to present the “Flushing Challenge” to their school group. We are scheduling sessions throughout April, 2024 in celebration of Earth Month and are ready for students to take the Challenge.

Water is our most precious resource, 70% of planet Earth is covered with water, but, only 1% is available freshwater and that freshwater is precious. Water connects us all through both space and time. It circulates, connects, and transforms as a part of a cycle where each element is related to what happened and what will happen, starting from a drop of water. The water we have today is the same that dinosaurs drank and has traveled over and over through the layers of the Earth. This is what we call “the water cycle”.

So while we may call the water that goes down our drains, toilets, and storm sewers “wastewater,” it’s vital that we not actually waste it. Old medications flushed down the toilet or harsh chemicals for cleaning or industry have to be removed from water that is flushed down our drains before that water can cycle back through nature to be reused. When contaminated water leaks from broken pipes or wastewater is not treated prior to release in nature toxins and pollution can reach out waterways killing countless organisms in the water making it uninhabitable for wildlife and undrinkable for people.

Join EarthEcho for the #FlushingChallenge, as we engage, educate and empower a generation of activists to understand the importance of the 4P's; meaning, Pee, Poop, Paper (toilet paper) and Puke – these are the only things that should go down your toilet!Water is integral to all parts of our life. But when humans (that’s us) use water wastefully, we deprive natural systems of water: rivers dry up, lakes are polluted, animals and plants die. Our quality of life is diminished.

Educators and Youth Activists around the globe are invited to join our Flushing Challenge. Teachers and youth leaders, please use our slides to share your knowledge with your students or peers then log your workshop by taking the pledge on MonitorWater.org by clicking "add results" and selecting "add Flushing challenge data."

OR you can Sign up today to schedule a virtual or in person workshop and gain access to opportunities to build community with like-minded educators and share opportunities to protect and restore our clean water resources.
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