The Flushing Challenge educates primary school aged children to understand how flushing our toilets at home can have an impact on our water ecosystems. Educators, club, and afterschool program leaders are encouraged to present the materials to their students OR sign up for a virtual presentation!
Afterward, children can take the Flushing Challenge Pledge and share their commitments with their peers and the world!

All workshop materials are free and available online.

How does the Flushing Challenge work? 

Step 1 - Learn!
Help children (ages 5-11) understand the importance of the 4P's: Pee, Poop, Paper (toilet paper) and Puke – these are the only things that should go down your toilet! Plus, talk about how wastewater is treated, the challenges community infrastructures face when non-flushables are flushed, and how those actions directly affect the environment.

Download these free resources to help you lead this important discussion. You’ll find a complete presentation, and printable activities - all designed for students ages 5 to 11. 

EarthEcho’s Water Challenge Ambassadors and the water professionals at Xylem Inc. are also available to schedule a virtual or in person workshop (where available) for a classroom or club presentation. Sign up for your session here.

Step 2 - Take the Pledge!
Once everybody understands what the 4P’s are and why they’re important, pledge to protect all water from source to system to sea! Then you and your students can head over to app.monitorwater.org to join the young people from across the world taking the Flushing Challenge! Simply create an account (or log in if you already have one!), add your Flushing Challenge data by completing the form, and upload any photos of your group’s educational posters or Pledge photos!

Step 3 - Spread the word!
Help us educate as many minds as possible by encouraging others in your school, neighborhood, and community to learn about the 4P’s and take the pledge. You can do this by: Hanging your educational posters up in a school or community building Talking to fellow teachers, educators, and program leaders to encourage them to lead a discussion Sharing photos, videos or posts on social media. Be sure to use #FlushingChallenge, and tag us: @EarthEcho so that we can help amplify all your incredible work!