As an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain support and resources to lead ongoing water quality monitoring and action projects in your community
  • Collaborate and network with other young people and adult mentors across the country who are passionate about water conservation
  • Serve in a youth leadership role representing the EarthEcho Water Challenge, receiving support and resources to help mobilize your peers to take conservation action by monitoring and protecting local water resources
  • Represent the EarthEcho Water Challenge at local events and engage your community in contributing to a global effort to protect water resources
  • Receive training and leadership opportunities offered by fellow youth leaders, EarthEcho partners, and EarthEcho staff, including co-founder Philippe Cousteau
  • Provide guidance to the EarthEcho Water Challenge program to help shape future youth leadership opportunities focused on water quality monitoring and conservation
  • Receive recognition for your EarthEcho Water Challenge accomplishments through stories and features on EarthEcho International’s online platforms
  • Collaborate with fellow Ambassadors and the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council on the OceanEcho 30x30 Initiative