The EarthEcho Water Challenge (EEWC) is an international program that equips anyone to combat the global water crisis starting in their own communities. Through the simple acts of testing their local water, sharing the results, and taking action to restore and protect this resource, anyone can play a critical role in ensuring the overall health of the environment and our communities.

In collaboration with Xylem, EarthEcho is hosting The Flushing Challenge.

The Flushing Challenge educates primary school aged children (ages 5-11) to understand how flushing our toilets at home can have an impact on the greater ecosystem. Establishing an understanding of how wastewater is treated, the challenges our community infrastructures face when non-flushables are flushed and how those actions directly affect the environment.


Saving our ocean planet is a monumental task, and no one can do it alone. Throughout the years we have collaborated and partnered with countless organizations to spread the message of ocean awareness and conservation, through our programs and campaigns like The Water Challenge.

Become a Partner

EarthEcho Water partners play a key role driving successful campaigns. With support from the EarthEcho International team, partners commit to actively engaging young people and community members in this global community science effort on an ongoing basis. Partners also collaborate with the EarthEcho team to share highlights from their work and grow campaign participation on a global basis. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to learn more about current and future opportunities.

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