In celebration of World Water Day, EarthEcho’s Water Challenge Ambassadors in the United States led a series of impactful events and activities to engage their peers and community members in learning about and protecting their local water resources. Through their efforts, over 1,100 participants were directly engaged. Highlights from these events included:

Harper Campbell, with support from Faith Blackall, led a school assembly presentation for over 300 students, highlighting her work as an Ambassador and the importance of monitoring water quality. She engaged participants in brainstorming water quality challenges and solutions they could implement in their own communities.

Tarin Fung gave a presentation to a group of 8th grade students in Brooklyn, NY, providing an opportunity for them to learn more about global ocean protection goals and opportunities for young people to take action in their own communities.

Caroline Crowley teamed up with the Mystic Valley Environmental Club to host an ocean documentary screening before inviting participants to take an EarthEcho Water Challenge test kit home to monitor their local waterways. Together, participants walked through the process of logging their data at and had the chance to learn more about opportunities to take action through campaigns including OceanEcho 30x30.

Valeria Mejia hosted a water monitoring and cleanup event for the members of the Green Club at Doral Academy in South Florida. A total of 25 students came out to engage in water testing and a cleanup at Bill Baggs State Park.

Elise Taylor celebrated World Water Day by working with two local classes to engage them in monitoring the water quality of a nearby lake in Hudson, OH, and a discussion on actions to protect water quality in their communities.

Faith Blackall and Emilia Fiebel teamed up to create a virtual water monitoring experience, filming and creating a video sharing their experiences monitoring water in two different cities on both coasts of the state of Florida, providing an opportunity for EarthEcho’s audiences on social media to virtually join them in their water monitoring work.

Kyra Stillwagon led a water monitoring and conservation event for her school’s 3rd and 4th grade students in Savannah, GA. Participants had the chance to test water quality, learn how to make a water filter, and take part in games and activities focused on recycling and environmental health.

To celebrate World Water Day, Jack Kincus set up two EarthEcho Water Challenge monitoring stations in two different areas of his college residence hall, pulling in participants as they passed by and giving them a unique opportunity to test water quality with the EarthEcho Water Challenge, and sign a water conservation commitment pledge.

Emma Bolton hosted her "Stories Within; Water" virtual conference uniting a passionate group of young environmental stewards and an inspiring team of guest speakers highlighting their personal connection to water and their work in the water conservation field.

Iris van der Veen hosted her World Water Day event with a group of her peers at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Together, they tested the local water quality of the Tampa Bay region, explored the importance of each water quality parameter, and discussed opportunities to protect local waterways.

Pia Visaria led a local Girl Scout troop in New Jersey through the EarthEcho Water Challenge through a virtual education event, including a live demonstration of monitoring the key water quality parameters. Through an interactive discussion, Scouts were able to share the actions they take to protect the environment.

Through her organization, Saving Ocean Life, Joey Goldstein organized a National Honors Society beach cleanup for a local high school in Hollywood, FL. Together participants helped remove over a hundred pounds of trash from local beaches.

Ivanya Johnson celebrated World Water Day hosting an interactive water monitoring booth and activities for students on her campus at Hawaii Pacific University. Through the stations, Ivanya also highlighted ways for participants to restore native plants to help improve water quality.

Reid Chapman united his friends and classmates from his school for a water monitoring event and coastal cleanup in coastal Maryland – allowing participants to learn about the importance of water quality monitoring while directly cleaning up the local marine environment.

Lorelei Mohammadbhoy introduced online audiences to the unique water resources in Crystal River, FL, as well as her work as a Water Challenge Ambassador, through a virtual tour video she made highlighting the unique spring ecosystems in the region. Her goal was to share this message with tourists and visitors to the region.

Annabel Fiero hosted a two part event involving water quality testing and a beach cleanup at a local beach on day one and a screening of the documentary Chasing Coral on day two, providing an opportunity for participants to play a hands on role in monitoring water quality while learning about global challenges facing marine ecosystems.

Emma Kavanaugh teamed up with the Surfrider Youth Club at her former high school to lead a presentation about water quality and opportunities to become involved in local, state, and federal legislation to advance conservation priorities. Through her personal advocacy experiences, she inspired students to explore opportunities for turning their interest in water quality into action through policy.

Lena Huang presented at the STEM club at her school in San Francisco, CA, hosting a water monitoring demonstration for students, and teaching them how to record their findings. Participants also learned about issues such as ocean acidification and opportunities to take part in the OceanEcho 30x30 campaign.

In Charlottesville, VA, Chloe Wetzler hosted an interactive station to engage students in learning more about water quality, as well as the importance of oysters in improving the health of local waterways. Participants were also able to learn about the role oysters play in mitigating the effects of sea level rise. talked about the role of oysters in improving water quality and the health of coastal ecosystems.  

Andrea Tartaglia visited the KidVenture Aftercare program at a local elementary school and gave on the water quality monitoring process and the importance of this work. Participants had a chance to conduct their own tests, and record their data, as well as their personal actions to protect water resources.  care about the protection of water sources.

Thank you to our 2021-2022 Water Challenge Ambassador cohorts for taking action to protect our ocean planet.

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Thank you for your participation in the EarthEcho Water Challenge and your commitment to protecting local waterways.