World Water Day Event Celebration

EarthEcho International celebrates the beginning of our annual EarthEcho Water Challenge on March 22nd to coincide with the United Nations World Water Day. EarthEcho’s Water Challenge partners and Water Challenge Ambassadors across the world connect with their local water resources through water quality testing, conservation activities, and community education events. 

This year EarthEcho International has worked with partners across Spain to create a day of exploration, learning, and celebration of “Solving Water.” On Tuesday, March 22, 2022 participating schools will explore the importance of water resources through activities hosted by water industry professionals, conservation organizations, and EarthEcho’s inaugural team of Water Challenge Ambassadors based in Catalonia. Guest speakers for this event include Philippe Cousteau, EarthEcho International Founder and Pep Guardiola, Football Manager of Premier League Club Manchester City. At this event, participants will engage in hands-on activities within the CosmoCaixa Museum and conclude this event with an opportunity to implement the EarthEcho Water Challenge program within their community.

In honor of World Water Day, EarthEcho’s Water Challenge Ambassadors, a network of young leaders across the country, will lead a series of community-based water monitoring and community engagement events  

The calendar of Ambassador led events includes:

  • March 16 – Elise Taylor will engage local middle school students in the EarthEcho Water Challenge in Hudson, OH 
  • March 17 – Harper Campbell and Faith Blackall will host an assembly focused on water quality for local middle school students in Sarasota, FL
  • March 18 – Emma Dencker will host a presentation and hands on water quality monitoring program for students in Denver, CO
  • March 25 – Selden Pickens will host a virtual event, creating a video program to digitally engage local students in learning about water quality monitoring and conservation 
  • March 25 – Caroline Crowley will host an ocean documentary movie night with her school’s environmental club and train students to monitor water quality in their community in Malden, MA
  • March 26 – Valeria Mejia will host a water testing event and coastal cleanup at Bill Baggs State Park in Miami, FL 
  • April 2 – Joey Goldstein will host a beach cleanup and water monitoring event with NHS members from her high school in Dania Beach, FL
  • Kyra Stillwagon will teach local elementary school students about water quality and environmental education in Savannah, GA
  • Korbyn Cannon will lead a presentation on water monitoring and engage students in testing water quality at a local creek in Nashville, TN
  • Emilia Fiebel and Faith Blackall are creating a virtual water monitoring video program to share with local students in south Florida 
  • Tarin Fung will lead a presentation on the importance of water conservation and opportunities for students to take action for students in New York, NY
  • Lorelei Mohammadbhoy is working to organize a water monitoring and invasive algae removal event for local students in Crystal River, FL 

A broad range of Water Challenge partners are holding water monitoring and conservation activities as part of this year’s launch events. 2022 partners include:

We encourage you to share stories, photos, and videos from your events on social media by tagging @EarthEcho and using hashtags #MonitorWater. You’re also invited to follow along with EarthEcho International on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Thank you for your participation in the EarthEcho Water Challenge and your commitment to protecting local waterways. We look forward to celebrating World Water Day with you!