We’re excited to announce the launch of the EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors! To address the challenge facing our water planet, it is crucial for us to involve citizens around the world, especially young people, in monitoring the quality of their local waterways and taking action to protect their water resources. The EarthEcho Water Challenge engages citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local bodies of water through three main tenets: Test, Share, and Protect. Through these three actionable items, people are empowered to monitor local water quality, share their results in an international, online database and learn how to protect our vital water resources.  

The EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors, a new initiative coordinated by the EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council, will unite young conservation leaders from across the United States, ages 13-22. During their year long term, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of water quality and lead members of their community through the water quality monitoring process. They will also gain a diverse set of skills working alongside their peers and the EarthEcho International team, including EarthEcho co-founder, Philippe Cousteau, as they expand the EarthEcho Water Challenge in their local communities.

Applications for the inaugural class of EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors are open through February 19, 2018. Click here to learn more and apply today! We look forward to seeing your applications.

Questions about the EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors? Contact us at wwmc@earthecho.org.