EarthEcho International, including founder Philippe Cousteau, and our partners from the Environmental Science Center (ESC), Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) and Xylem Watermark, teamed up to celebrate World Water Monitoring Day on September 18 in Renton, WA. This special event united over 85 fourth grade students from Sartori Elementary School for a day connecting to their local watershed and taking direct action to monitor and protect this important environment.

Kicking off the day with students from Sartori Elementary School.

Student participants joined naturalists from ESC and NSEA, alongside Xylem Watermark volunteers and the EarthEcho team, on the Cedar River to explore this environment first hand. These young conservationists had the chance to take part in the EarthEcho Water Challenge, learning more about water quality and directly reporting data on the water quality of the Cedar River environment through the EarthEcho Water Challenge database. Building on this work, program participants had the chance to learn more about their watershed by studying macroinvertebrate biodiversity, making observations, and taking part in a lesson on salmon anatomy. In addition, participants took direct action to restore this important waterway by removing invasive ivy from the shoreline.

Testing water quality with the help of Xylem Watermark volunteers.
Credit: Grace Doleshel

Through the lens of studying salmon as a signature species in this region, students made connections between the life of these important organisms and their daily actions to protect their local watershed.

This impactful day was just one of many World Water Monitoring Day events hosted by EarthEcho Water Challenge partners, participants, and Ambassadors around the world – engaging diverse communities in connecting with their local waterways through water quality monitoring and taking action to restore and protect their local watersheds.

Exploring the macroinvertebrate diversity of the Cedar River in Renton, WA.
Credit: Grace Dolshel

A special thanks to the Environmental Science Center, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, and Xylem Watermark for their work to make this day possible and their outstanding commitment to inspiring young water scientists and stewards!