We are excited to announce our partnership with Drinkable Rivers, an organization founded by Li An Phoa. Inspired by a vision where drinkable rivers are once again a sign of good water quality, Li An is on a mission to activate citizens to understand their connections to their local watersheds and the importance of taking action to protect local water resources.

On May 14, Li An launched her “Source to Sea” walk, which will take her on a trip of nearly 1,000km by foot along the River Mass from its source in France, through Belgium and the Netherlands. Throughout her journey she will engage community members of all ages in connecting with and learning about their local watersheds, and will highlight her journey and findings through her online platforms.

Through the EarthEcho Water Challenge, we are proud to partner with and support Li An’s journey. During her walk Li An is utilizing EarthEcho Water Challenge test kits to engage local young people in aiding her work to monitor water quality. Together we will highlight Li An’s water quality test results through our global Earthecho Water Challenge online database. This experience will help activate young water scientists across the River Mass watershed and encourage communities to take an active role in protecting their local waterways.

To learn more about Li An’s journey and Drinkable Rivers visit www.drinkablerivers.org, sign the Drinkable Rivers LifeLine pledge to protect local river health, and follow along with Drinkable Rivers for real time updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Henk Ganzeboom