World Water Monitoring Day was celebrated across the world on September 18th and EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors joined in the celebration by hosting 24 water monitoring education programs and watershed restoration events for 1,890 students in communities across the country!

Taking their credo from EarthEcho partners at Xylem Watermark, “#LetsSolveWater” was the rallying call for these young conservation leaders as they led virtual and in-person events to connect community members to their local waterways. Each event impressed the importance of taking action to address the global water crisis starting in our own backyards.

Highlighted events include:

-Abrielle Brown’s presentation for a local Girl Scout Troop of about 20 participants. Abrielle engaged the Scouts in conserving water resources and gave participants the opportunity to monitor water quality through the EarthEcho Water Challenge.

-Emma Bolton made her video debut on her Emma's Seeds of Kindness Facebook page with “Show Me Your Trash” a social media commentary. She walked through how to do water quality testing and interviewed both Emma Housman, Program Manager at Xylem Inc., and Carmen Bruno, Recycling Coordinator for Hernando County.

-Maya Weikert engaged local youth in her neighborhood in a water monitoring program at a local park. Participants learned about water quality, the movement to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 and discussed ideas to improve water health in their local communities.

-Amelia Fortgang and Nicolas Lama teamed up to host a workshop for the virtual Bay Area Youth Climate Summit, educating students from across the country about the important role of citizen science in protecting our water planet.

-Reece Whatmore and Harper Campbell taught a virtual third-grade marine science class. The class completed water quality testing and examined ocean protection efforts before signing a pledge committing to protect the ocean.

-Sara McElroy’s virtual presentation for sixth graders at her elementary school alma mater! Sara explained the importance of water quality and water monitoring especially in regions experiencing water scarcity. Students created their own DIY testing kits and did some water quality testing of their own.

-Valentina Flores, Gianna Tomassini, Valerie Heredia, and Carlos Rodriguez gave several presentations to students at their school about water monitoring, conservation with EarthEcho International, and the #OceanEcho30x30 initiative. Presentations reached 126 students with 7 students completing water quality testing on a local water body for community service hours!

Photos, video, and event details are still coming in on EarthEcho’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Want to join in on the action? It’s not too late! Host your own water quality monitoring event in your school, community, workplace, or with your family!  Visit to order an EarthEcho Water Challenge test kit, collect and share your water quality data through our global database, and make a plan to protect your local water resources!