On September 30, 2017 nearly 1,600 people invaded Nautical Mile Park in Marine City, MI for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan’s International River Crossing event. Through this special event, girls had the chance to connect to and learn more about their important, local water resources. During the event, participants took part in a patch program, rotating through various stations where participated in hands on activities. Through this process, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the water cycle, observe local aquatic organisms while learning about their habitats, investigate water pollution issues, learn how to save water at home, and take part in the EarthEcho Water Challenge.

During their work on the EarthEcho Water Challenge, participants discussed the importance of monitoring waterways and the impact water quality has on their lives. Together they tested the water quality of the St. Claire River and shared their results through the EarthEcho Water Challenge database. Participants wrapped up with a “Call to Action”, sharing what they learned throughout the day.

By the end of the event the girls were excited to go home and share the information they learned with family and friends.

A special thanks to Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan for their commitment to water education and participation in the EarthEcho Water Challenge!