Mark your calendars and join us in counting down to World Water Monitoring Day 2019 on September 18! This annual event unites EarthEcho Water Challenge participants and partners around the world, providing an opportunity for everyone to improve the health of their local watersheds through the simple actions of testing water quality locally, sharing data internationally, and taking action to protect their water resources.

This year, the EarthEcho team, including founder Philippe Cousteau, will be join EarthEcho Water Challenge partners, the Environmental Science Center and Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, along with volunteers from Xylem Watermark, to host a featured World Water Monitoring Day event in Renton, WA. Through this special event, 4th grade students will be immersed in learning about the local watershed and its inhabitants through water quality monitoring, hands on salmon focused education activities, macroinvertebrate sampling, and a watershed restoration project.

In addition to this special event, EarthEcho Water Challenge participants, partners, and Water Challenge Ambassadors will take action around the world, leading events and programs to monitor and protect water resources in their local community.

You can get involved and celebrate this global event! Make a plan to take action this World Water Monitoring Day through three easy steps:

  • Test: Visit to order an EarthEcho Water Challenge test kit, or work with a  school, a community organization, or local science center to use their water quality monitoring equipment. With a test kit in hand, collect and record water quality data from a local surface water source in your community.
  • Share: A key component of any citizen science program is sharing your findings. After collecting your data, visit to upload your results to the global EarthEcho Water Challenge database. By doing so, you’ll join over 1.5 million participants who have monitored water quality through this program. You can also share stories from your experiences on social media by tagging @EarthEcho and using hashtag #MonitorWater.
  • Protect: Consider what your water quality data means and take action to protect your local waterways! You can work with your community on a stream restoration project, organize a coastal cleanup, or present your findings to local city officials. For more ideas and inspiration, check out the EarthEcho Water Challenge Action portal.

We look forward to seeing how you’ll take action to monitor and protect your water resources this September 18 for World Water Monitoring Day and beyond!