Pick-n-Paddle volunteers are cleaning-up Louisa County

Burris Ditch of the Odessa Water Trail and the Toolesboro landing are cleaner thanks to 12 volunteers in 4 canoes, 1 john boat and 1 kayak. October 23 was a beautiful day to work with calm water, golden colors and a wave formation of Pelicans and Cormorants flying overhead. Another perk was the satisfaction of knowing these waterways are now healthier for everyone.

To date, seven Pick-n-Paddles have occurred in Louisa County. Over 6.6 tons of trash has been gathered by 45 volunteers generously giving 376 hours of their time caring for our rivers. Nearly every boat landing was improved including Kilpeck, Flaming Prairie, Port Louisa, Toolesboro and Wykerts on the Mississippi River.  On the Iowa River volunteers cleaned River Forks, Hwy 61 Access, Schwob, Cappy Russell and Ferry Landing.  On Odessa, the Inlet Tubes at Port Louisa, Snively, Sand Run and Burris Ditch all received attention. In addition to picking up litter, water quality data using the EarthEcho water quality test kits were gathered at each location. This data can be viewed at monitorwater.org.

Most common items found:

  • 800 redeemable aluminum cans
  • 640 redeemable plastic beverage bottles
  • 225 redeemable glass beverage bottles
  • 171 car tires
  • 41 semi-truck tires
  • 13 camp chairs
  • 10 55-gallon plastic barrels
  • 7 televisions
  • 6 tents
  • 3 refrigerators
  • 2 dishwashers
  • 1 puddle boat (7 ft x 4 ft)

If you are feeling like you missed out, you have one last chance! One more clean-up has been scheduled at the Grandview Cemetery on Saturday, November 13 at 1:00 pm. The Grandview Cemetery is located east of Grandview on Cemetery Lane. Gloves, trash tongs and snacks will be provided.  Registration is not required for this land-based clean-up.

This program would not be possible without the support of a grant from the Community Foundation of Louisa County. Other donors include EarthEcho International, N-Compass, Inc., Ansell Protective Products, and the Can Shed LLC.

For more information, visit LouisaCountyConservation.org, find us on Facebook.