Xylem employees helped to launch the 2016 World Water Monitoring Challenge monitoring period by participating in two events.  On March 20th Xylem Employees from Charlotte, NC  along with Girl Scout Troop 1970 monitored the health of the Catawba River and on March 22nd Xylem Employees from around the world along with students from the YMCA of San Diego County monitored the health of Mission Bay in San Diego.

“I would like to express a huge thank you to Sarah from EarthEcho, the Y of the USA, our Y of San Diego, and the volunteers from Xylem for partnering together to give our Character Builders students the opportunity to participate in the water monitoring challenge. It was a great learning experience for all and the students had a fun time learning about the turbidity, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen levels in very own Mission Bay waters. We look forward to sharing what we learned with others in our program! Thank you so much!”

Regional Coordinator

YMCA of San Diego County, Central Region