Amanda is a 17 year old from Michigan, where she was born and raised. She has always had a passion for environmental advocacy and water conservation—growing up surrounded by the beauty of the Great Lakes and learning about the threats to the biodiversity of these bodies of water. She loves to play piano, take long walks with her dog, listen to podcasts and music, and watch documentaries on the beauty of the natural world, while talking to others about these topics! She is the founder and co-leader of her school’s climate club, where she educates and executes projects with members on topics such as recycling, climate change, sustainability, and threats to their local waterways. She is currently doing research at the University of Michigan about the effects of environmental exposures on women postpartum and aims to focus on environmental health in her future education! As a Water Challenge Ambassador, she hopes to further her knowledge and experience in protecting her local waterways, while educating her community to raise awareness and inspire more people to take action.