Ayaan is a junior at Burlington High School, located in the suburban Boston area. Ayaan is a competitive archer. His dedication to this precision sport has led him to hone his skills, constantly aiming for greatness.

He loves to inspire other people to take action, so he joined Mystic River Watershed and became a River Representative to help lead and collaborate to help preserve and protect the Mystic River in the Boston area.

At school, Ayaan is the Vice-President of Students for Environmental Action, where he creates initiatives to help make his high school a greener and cleaner place.

Ayaan loves the environment and STEM, so he co-founded Helyx, a club at his high school that promotes STEM education by bringing in Guest Speakers and conducting fun workshops to introduce high school students to different topics in STEM.

Ayaan's journey is a mix of archery, environmental action, and STEM passion, creating a colorful canvas of inspiration and positive impact.