My name is Camryn- I am a sixteen year old rising high school junior and I love to paint, write poetry, surf, and play the guitar. I have always been deeply fascinated by the natural world, particularly the ocean, and for years I have been dreaming of dedicating my life to it. When I was eight years old, I began uniting my passions for art and nature by selling my artwork to raise money for environmental charities, and I now attend Tabor Academy where I am pursuing marine biology. Amidst my studies, I have discovered that water is the life force for not only humans, but for Earth entirely- and its importance and potential as a source of hope for our planet is too often overlooked. I am enthusiastic becoming an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador as I recognize it as an exciting opportunity to immerse myself and my community in the fascinating and vital worlds of marine science and conservation while inspiring more youth to amplify their voices and advocate for our Blue Planet.