Snigtha Mohanraj is a rising sophomore in high school from Connecticut. Her main passions are conducting scientific research and promoting climate activism within her communities. Snigtha has been doing various research projects, all of which targeted the removal of harmful contaminants in water sources by using efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly methods. Snigtha plans to continue developing her research so that these water treatment methods may soon be implemented in the real world to protect us. She was also an intern at the Climate Health Education Program during the 2021-2022 school year, in which she helped students learn more about climate change and how to combat it through school events and online webinars. In addition, Snigtha will be an intern at the New Haven Climate Movement this summer and will work with its Climate Education Committee. In her free time, she loves to play with her dog, play card games, and watch movies with her family. Snigtha is very excited to be an ambassador for the 2022-2023 EarthEcho Water Challenge!