Valeria is an incoming 9th grade student who was born in Canada but now lives in Texas. Growing up in nature near the Rocky Mountains, she has always been fascinated with the flora and fauna that surround her. Eventually, she discovered that our world is facing many detrimental obstacles for sustainability, earth preservation, and poverty. Since water is extremely crucial to our communities, is scarce, and is the habitat of many essential species, she hopes to find ways we can preserve it while expanding her knowledge in water conservation and commencing her journey as an environmentalist. Her ultimate goal is to make the world a better place and implement action towards a flourishing environment where everyone partakes in the restoration of our wonderful biodiversity.

In her free time, she loves to play volleyball, volunteer in her community, take photos of everything, write, travel, and research topics on conservation. Music is also a big part of her life, as she has been playing piano for nine years and plays the flute in her school’s band. She loves creating projects based on wildlife conservancy and renewable energy at school. She is thrilled for what is to come through being an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador.