Water is weird, wonderful, and worth protecting! Team up with Brains On and EarthEcho to get to know your water and do some real-life science!

Step 1: Listen to the Brains On Water Series

If you haven’t listened yet, subscribe to the Brains On podcast and listen to our special episode about water. Find our water episodes at the links below or wherever you get your podcasts…

Step 2: Get Your Kit and Start Testing

Parents can purchase the EarthEcho Water Challenge Kit using the link below. Every kit comes with tools for testing key water quality indicators - pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity. Use the kit to test the lakes, rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water near your home. Record your results and gather clues about your environment.

Order Your Test Kit!

Step 3: Share What You've Learned!

With your parent’s help, enter your data online to EarthEcho’s international database and be sure to indicate that you are Brains On Water Detective! You can also share your photos, videos, and water stories with us! Email hello@brainson.org or submit your water story here. Share your photos and videos with us on social media using #WaterDetective and #MonitorWater and by tagging @BrainsOn and @EarthEcho in your posts!

The Brains On! Water Detective Series is powered by The Water Main, an initiative from American Public Media focused on connecting people to their water resources. Check out www.watermain.org or follow us @thewatermain on Twitter.

EarthEcho International and The Water Main are grateful for the LaMotte Company's support of this initiative to empower young water scientists.