World Water Monitoring Day Events on Sept. 20-22

Join us for a three day event to learn more about solutions to sustain and monitor your water resources. These virtual events are brought to you by EarthEcho International, Water Challenge Ambassadors, community partners and Xylem Watermark in celebration of World Water Monitoring Day.

World Water Monitoring Day Events:

This year we will celebrate World Water Monitoring Day on September 20th-22nd, the line up of virtual events will present guest speakers that will share their experiences on water solutions, careers within the water industry and how to get involved in the EarthEcho Water Challenge.

  • (Day 1) Sept 20th: Microplastics: The Big Little Problem In Our Waterways.

Event Summary: Microplastics is an emerging global issue. Learn about the cause and effect of microplastics in our waterways.

Speakers: Josh Soll, Ocean First Institute and Maggie Peacock, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council Member

  • (Day 2) Sept 21st: Solving Water Together- Careers That Make A Splash.

Event Summary: Attend this webinar to learn all about careers connected to water - our most precious natural resource.

Speakers: Cara Schildtknecht, Waccamaw Riverkeeper, Christine Joyner, Pinellas County Environmental Management, Jan Nowak, Xylem Inc., and Caroline Crowley, Water Challenge Ambassadors

  • (Day 3) Sept 22nd: Taking Action with the EarthEcho Water Challenge.

Event Summary: The Water Challenge is designed to equip participants with resources on how to monitor and protect your local waterways.

Speakers: Katie Murray, Plogger & Content Creator

Water Challenge Ambassadors Annabel Fiero, Sanjana Bhatta, Emilia Fiebel, and Tarin Fung

WHATS NEW?? Plogging for Water feature:

This year, we are putting a special emphasis on protecting waterways, and wanted to make sure you were in-the-know about our new Plogging feature. This new feature in the Water Challenge database is a EarthEcho and Xylem Watermark collaboration that focused on removing waste along our waterways.

We encourage you to go plogging!

Plogging—the act of picking up litter while jogging/walking/running—is a fun, healthy way to help reduce plastic waste in our waterways. By contributing data about the items collected, you can protect local water resources in your community through the EarthEcho Water Challenge database at Click "Add Results" then select "Add Plogging Data" and begin documenting the litter you find while plogging.

Special Opportunities for Schools:

Three school plogging teams will be selected to receive a Chromebook to support their classroom in all of their civic science activities!

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