From collaborative learning with EarthEcho’s Water Challenge Ambassadors to connecting with experts discussing relevant topics such as water scarcity, careers in the water industry, and sustainability regarding water, EarthEcho's World Water Week Student Forum has something for everyone!

Monday, March 22nd 1 PM ET: Water Quality Session

Dive into World Water Week and learn more about the importance of our freshwater resources and habitats. By the end of this session, students and teachers will understand the components of the EarthEcho Water Challenge test kit and how to participate in the program.

Speaker: Gianna Tomassini — Water Challenge Ambassador, EarthEcho International

Tuesday, March 23rd 1 PM ET: Water Scarcity Session

Humanity is facing a water crisis, due to unequal distribution of resources, resulting in drought or floods in some geographic locations. In this session you will learn about the global impact water scarcity has in communities.

Speaker: Lankesh Kumar — Deputy Manager, Xylem Inc.

Wednesday, March 24th 1 PM ET: Expert Panel Discussion

Meet experts in the water industry, learn about their careers, and the future of water sustainability.



  • Reece Whatmore — Water Challenge Ambassador, EarthEcho International

Thursday, March 25th 1 PM ET: What’s Next? Take Action with Project Planning

Become a citizen scientist and learn how to utilize your observations and data to protect your waterway. Define youth voice and how to implement an action project.

Speaker: Chloe Wetzler — Water Challenge Ambassador, EarthEcho International

Friday, March 26th 1 PM ET: Student Forum

Don't miss this peer-to-peer planning event where student groups can work together to build community project plans! Join us for a collaborative discussion of youth-led water projects from across the U.S.

Guest Speakers:

  • Joey Goldstein — Water Challenge Ambassador, EarthEcho International
  • Abby Yoon — Student Leader, Love a Sea Turtle
  • Henry Hall Fellows — National Aquarium
  • Zach Cunningham — Oyster Gardening in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Anna Keefer — Eco-Justice
  • Lynelle Martin — Journey Into the Cell